JANUARY 2021 NEW FEATURE: Product Page Upsells and Cross Sells

Howdy! Thank you for choosing In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sells. This article will guide you on using the Product Page Offers feature. The feature will give you the options to display offers on the product page.

If you haven't already run the setup wizard, read this article first, you'll need this to choose the offer location

This section allows you to switch the offer display between the ajax cart and the product page. This section is found on the create/edit offer page. To access the page, click on " create new offer" or edit an already existing offer using the pen icon (refer to image below). 

On the create/edit offer page, select option 3 " Where to display this offer"
Then choose between the three options provided.

NOTE: The product page and cart drawer can't be used together.

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