Can I show more than one offer at a time?

Only one offer is shown at a time. Showing multiple offer boxes distracts your customers and decreases overall conversion rate.

You CAN offer multiple products withing one offer - just add more products in step 1 of the offer builder.  Then choose a layout - either stacked on top of each other, or a clickable/swipeable carousel. 


Offer 1: Show product A, B and C
Offer 2: Show product X, Y and Z

If both offers are valid then only Offer 1 (since it's the first) will be shown but note that Offer 1 has multiple products. Unfortunately our app cannot display Offer 1 and 2 at the same time. What you can do however is to reconstruct your triggers to something like:

Offer 1: Show Product A when [criteria is] less than 45
Offer 2: Show Product A, B when [criteria is] less than or equal to 65
Offer 3: Show Product A, B, C when [criteria is] over 65

Using this as an example, you can ensure that all your offers encapsulate showing the necessary products in a tight criteria and as you can see by leveraging the ability to display multiple products the same effect can be achieved.

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