Creating Your First Offer

To create an offer, follow this guide.  Imagine you sell clothing - a good way to boost sales might be to offer a belt with every pair of pants.

Here's a video walkthrough (if you prefer, a text walkthrough is below):

First, click on "create a new offer" in the app dashboard.

Choose which products to offer. You can offer multiple products, but for this upsell, we're going to just offer a belt.

Quick video:

Customize the text of the offer and call-to-action button. Choose a color scheme and any other options you like.

Quick video:

Set the rules that trigger this offer to appear. For this offer, we're going to keep it simple - just show the offer any time at least 2 pairs of pants are in the cart.  You can combine rules in lots of ways.

Quick video:

For now, we'll skip Advanced Settings, but you can use the Style Override to adjust any part of the offer's fonts, alignment, borders, shadows, background images, etc.  There's also an option to add a custom text field if you need one.

STEP 4a:
For this offer, we won't apply a discount when the offer is accepted, but you can add a code here to have a discount automatically applied when the offer is accepted.  For more detail, see the recipe for Easy BOGO / Buy X Get Y / Discount Offers

This offer is ready to go, so we'll set it to Published, and then save the offer.

Quick video:

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